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Another day, andother journey

Well isn't that the truth.  Fear shows it self in so many different ways.  For me it was anger and frustration, always looking to the outside of me to make my inside feel better...Spending time wishing away , thinking if only I had that....and that could be anything...the perfect well behaved kid, the bigger house, the more attentive husband, the new car...a prettier smile,

Then there is obvious fear, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of the unknown, fear of injury...

I have learned it is what I do with my fear, do I let it "rule me" and my decisions or do I face it head on.  Do i waste away my time wishing for something better or do I stop and admire all that life has in store for me.  I am a happier, more content person when I live a life of gratitude, when I face my fears, and do not let the emotions rule me, in any situation.  

When I am honest with myself (that is the most important person to be honest with) I am then living the life I want, setting the example I want to set for my children.  Nothing is more unpredictable then mother hood.  I can plan and plan and plan, and guess what, sometimes those plans get laughed at.

I have learned that I cannot do this alone, and leaning on support is the most important thing.  Opening myself up to the opportunity to have supportive loving people in my life has changed my experiences , and allowed me to go through them rather then avoid them.

Life is not always smiles, happiness, and peace, sometimes we get thrown a curve ball that throws us.  What defines us is how we approach and deal with it.  Facing these life "situations: head on makes us stronger people.  The key is to know when you need help.......

Fear will controls us if we allow it, we are bigger then it and can overcome it, not control it, but shift what it means to us, changes is scary, but the rewards are AMAZING  Take the leap today,

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