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Boundaries .  One simple word, so many meaning. Physical boundaries are the obvious.  We visually see something that makes STOP.  A yellow caution tape, a wall, a sign such as DO NOT ENTER.  But what about emotional boundaries? You can't see them, sometimes we don't even know we need to set them, then when they are set how do we enforce them. To be more direct, what is an emotional boundary.  We as the human race on the whole know physical boundary we learn them from a young age, the most obvious and do not lay your hands on another person, such as hit or slap; that is a physical boundary.  We are taught it is wrong to steal; that is touching /taking something that is not yours. Again a physical boundary. An emotional boundary is different.  Often we let people step on them or cross over them, To find true peace with ourselves we need to set, and enforce boundaries of the emotional kind. Do you have that friend who is always always demanding from you, however offers nothing in return, you make excuses like,"She has it so tough, I understand" but all that does is take from you, your spirit and your strength.  Does your boss yell at you or make unreasonable demands of you at work, and you are constantly trying to do better but never get praised or recognized.   Are your children and/or husband constantly making demands on you, and no matter what you do they are dis satisfied, taking advantage of you ,just assuming all you do all day is wait to meet their needs. Who is meeting your needs??? When we learn to set boundaries, and make sure our needs are being met. We will know a new peace, even when things are chaotic, we will have more energy and awareness, because we are not letting people drain from us.  Sounds Easy right? Ha! It starts with how we think, and the actions we take.  We don't need to yell or scream we need to make an internal change in how we think about ourselves.  It can be done, We have the ability within ourselves to make the necessary changes, the answers are within you, its about pausing to listen to them.  When we say "Yes" to something how does it make  you feel...if you answered stress or overwhelmed, or overextended, then your inner self is telling you something... SET A BOUNDARY! That is just one of the many ways we can begin to change....When we put ourselves first, we are of far better service to others,  Take a moment today to think of a situation that you are in that makes you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed.   Now Take a moment to think of a situation that makes you feel good, energized, excitied, Whats different about the two? Can you listen to your inner self and apply a boundary to make a tough situation better? Remember we cannot change or control what other people do or say, all we can do is control what we do with it!!!!

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