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F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real

Can you relate...I can....When I begin to beleive what "others" say I am am or look at things through others eyes I allow that to become my Evidence.  Which is False...

However I will allow these things to limit me, to tell me I can't do something, I am not good enough, I dont have enough time, What were you thinking....then it all begins to Appear Real

Guess what ITS NOT.... I am what I want to be...boy sounds a little silly when you say it out loud but it is TRUE!

How can sit everyday and encourage my kids and say "You can be anything you want to be"  "You are unstoppable" ..."You can accomplish greatness"..."There are endless options" ..."Reach for the Stars"...."The World is yours to conquer"

Yet in my own mind the things I say to myself are so different..."If only you had done that when you were younger, now you don't have the time"..."You have to be crazy to start a whole new degree, you will never finish"...."I need to get so much done I have no time,  if only...."  Wait who are you speaking to?  I would not let ANYONE speak to my children that way, why do I allow myself to speak to myself that way.

Okay here is the challenge , how do I change it, its simple steps really, this is what to do STOP

Every time a "negative thought" enters, or I self talk myself out of doing something "STOP' find quick phrases to replace them

This is what I am going to try "You cant speak to me like that , I can be anything I want to be"

"I love myself" or  "I have accomplished greatness...(fill in the blank) like I made a delicious meal, I was a great friend today, I was a great mom, wife, employee, or boss

Here is the thing to remember it has taken YEARS AND YEARS to build this self talk of negativity, or shame, I MUST or you MUST remember change take time.  Yes the dreaded word time, time take time.  Tha'ts why we can break it down to One day at a time, sometimes One hour at a time.

Here is the thing....what do you have to lose ..NOTHING, but you everything to gain.

Come join me on the challenge..Let me know what self talk you want to change

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