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Happy New Year to all.  Today is full of choices...Today I choose happiness.. 2014 will be an adventurous year, filled with change...Change doesn't have to be scary...change can be wonderful...I read a quote the other day that really hit home..."Tell me what you will do with your one wild and adventurous life" Well ....? These changes occur one step at a time, one change at a time, corny I know Rome wasn't built in a day.  Working with a Life Coach showed me how to make these changes a little at a time, and how to enjoy the journey.  There are no do overs this is your chance to have the life you have always wanted, not to look back with regret and I wish I had. Today I can laugh as I walk around my house and clean up after the kids, amazing what they stash in the silliest of places, half eaten sandwich under desks, socks behind cabinets, wet towels in closet. Why can I laugh, I am happier with me and the choices I make today, I love being a mother, with all the ups and downs, I love being a life coach, helping to bring peace and happiness to other.  I am present to my life, something I had lost sight. Being able to laugh and see the humor in things, no longer feeling like my life is passing my by ,but jumping in and participating in every bit of it. I love to work and volunteer, all because I want to, not because I have to, the rewards are endless...I am forever grateful the this transformation and this journey I am on, I hope to be able to help others to experience the joy the way I do.... Please no life is not always a big smile and a joke , it is more about the way we chose to approach each situation placed in front of us, what will we learn from it, how can it help us grow????

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