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How to begin your journey.....The basics of Life Coaching Call or email today today to schedule you"FREE" consultation 201-561-4979 or

First consultation is free

Sessions can be held over the phone

Packages available

Package #1

Not feeling like you are living your life to its full potential. Want to make a change, just not sure where, You have been wanting to try life coaching for a while but have been hesitant, traditional therapy isn't giving you what you need. This is a great way to be introduced to life coaching. This package will give you a sense of What life coaching can do for you, begin to identify the areas in your life you want to focus on, begin the steps to setting reachable goals, see the impact having the support and confidence of a life coach helping you through the beginning of your transition that infiltrate your life.

Package includes

3 1 hour sessions by phone

Priority email support

Real results

Total package $250.00


Feeling Stuck, Not Focused, Wheels are spinning. Whether it be a relationship, career change, life style change , This is the package for you. Breakthrough the walls that are holding you back from what you want. This package allows you to identify your goals, set realistic, manageable attainable goals, while having support, and re direction to stay on course. This is a great introductory package to life coaching, see real results

includes 6 1 hour long sessions via phone

priority email support during the time frame

Real results.

Total package $500.00

Sessions are 1 hour long

$75.00 per session

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